Top 3 Spring Break Destinations For Poor College Students


Spring Break Destinations for College Students: Spring Break is near!! The thing I love about Spring Break is that as soon as the weather shows promise of warm weather, college students put on their swimwear, go to the beach, and party like there is no tomorrow.

Color party during spring break

Now I am not in college anymore, but I remember how important the perfect spring break destination is. No one wants to pull up to the beach and it be vacant (total buzz kill). So, I am going to make sure that you pick the PERFECT Spring Break destination and that it is LIT AF!

Since spring breaks are very early in the spring, if you choose the wrong destination it can be too cold to wear your swimsuits, etc. For that reason, most spring breakers tend to migrate south toward the equator.

Use these packing tips to make sure you have everything you need before your trip. Here are my top spring break destinations for college students:

1. Cancun, Mexico

Spring break party in cancun mexico

Cancun is one of the top international destinations and it is clear why. It's close to the equator so no jackets are needed while you're there. The Spring Break partying in Cancun normally spans from late February to late April. So whenever your Spring Break is, there will be more than enough partying for you to do.

One of the best things about Cancun is that a lot of the resorts offer an all-inclusive option. If you are a drinker, I definitely was in undergrad, this option will save you so much money because you can drink all of the booze you want and it will be included in your hotel fare.

2. South Padre Island, Texas

Spring Break in South Padre Island

The top Spring Break destination in the United States is South Padre Island, Texas. While technically a part of Texas, this island is the perfect place for US Spring Breakers.

You can get the same vibe as Cancun, but without a passport. Like most Spring Break destinations, there are plenty of bars and parties to go around. What makes this place special is that Texas sun that is stronger than a shot of tequila (which is my favorite, btw).

If your type of party is “the more the merrier,” then this is the destination for you.

3. Panama City Beach, Florida

Spring break party in Panama city beach florida

When I was in undergrad, Panama City Beach was the top destination for Spring Breakers. It was literally known for its spring break. I have been to PCB for spring break and it did not disappoint. You can party for 24 hours if you have the endurance to. It is now considered “the most affordable road-trip destination.”

The beach is full of things to do. Different radio stations come and set up stages and have all types of activities. They have dance competitions, drinking contests, swim suit competitions and even wet t-shirt contests. Winners receive freebies and sometimes money.

They have sponsored tents with everything you can imagine. I distinctly remember Red Bull, Monster, and even Trojan having tents. They gave out free merchandise and even set up photo booths. There is enough on the beach to keep you entertained all day and night.

Spring Break Destinations for College Students

There are many other destinations that you can consider for Spring Break, but none of them can compare to the three that I have mentioned. These places have had decades of experience of being the top Spring break destination for college students for decades and you cannot get the experience anywhere else. You can search for the best deal in the best location below.
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