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Have you ever traveled to a place and returned with a changed view of the world? These travel journeys can transform a person’s inner consciousness leading to enlightenment or transformation due to interactions with new cultures and forces of nature that stimulate self-reflection. 

The journeys have been termed “transformative travel” and are a rapidly growing sector of tourism based on spiritual experiences, Spiritual tourism. Travel is evolving to much more than going to Disney every year with family or going to the Caribbean to escape the winter. 

Top Travel Trends for 2023 

According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg Travel, the top travel trends are nature, culture, spirituality and wellness, bleisure, and sustainability. Nature travel, or travel involving connecting and becoming one with nature, accounted for 50% of respondents, making it the most popular travel trend. 

Culture, or travel involving immersing in the local food and local religious culture, accounted for 49% of respondents. Wellness travel, or travel to enjoy quiet and remote places to emotionally recharge, made up 46% of travelers’ interest making it the third most popular travel trend this year. Bleisure (business and leisure) and sustainability travel make up 45% and 35%, respectively. 

What Is Spiritual Tourism?

A study recently reported that after COVID-19, tourists were looking for experiences that offer healing, which in turn, caused a spike in spiritual tourism. According to the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spiritual tourism is travel that nurtures the spiritual awakening and transformation of the human conscience. 

Spiritual tourism is based on nature and spiritual healing and can be religious or non-religious and spans many branches of tourism. From connecting with mother nature and using the natural energy to heal ailments to exploring the religious culture of different destinations, they all have a tie to spiritual tourism and transformative travel. According to an excerpt by Garth L. Lean, “Everyone is transformed by travel to some degree.” 

Religious vs. Non-Religious 

Spiritual Tourism has many variations. It can be religious or non-religious. Religious spiritual tourism consists of pilgrimages that entail a journey to a foreign place with religious motives. For example, a religious trip to Vatican city or Mecca. 

Non-religious spiritual tourism commonly entails travels that are not focused on defined religious guidelines. These tourists typically describe themselves as “spiritual, not religious,” and tend to focus on the sacredness of energy and mindfulness and are motivated by secular intentions. 

Top Destinations for Spiritual Tourism

The United States houses some areas that are perfect for spiritual tourism. The United States houses two of the world’s chakras and a major energy vortex, making them powerful and sacred places to visit when looking for transformational travel experiences. 

Energy vertices are places on Earth that act as energy hubs. They frequently connect with energy emitted from the Earth’s chakras and work together to become an energetic grid across the planet. These energy centers promote healing, meditation and manifestation, self-exploration, and transformation. 

According to Harmonious Earth, these are the top destinations to experience Earth’s chakras and energy vertices for spiritual tourism travel in the United States. 

1. Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta, a snow-capped dormant volcano in northern California, is the Earth’s crown chakra energy point. It offers grounding energy which leads to self-realization. 35% of tourists visiting Mount Shasta come for spiritual ascension and healing from the chakra. This area has been home to many Native American tribes, with stories supporting the transformative energy of Mount Shasta. 

2. Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii

A visit to the Haleakala volcano in Haleakala National Park will take you to the Earth’s heart chakra. It is located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, making up 75% of the island. The energy at the site of the volcano has sacred powers and emits energy with a frequency that matches the frequency of a human heartbeat. This frequency creates a supernatural feeling that radiates comfort and the feeling of being taken care of. 

3. Sedona, Arizona 

Sedona, Arizona has been considered a sacred place to visit for many years. While the landscape is breathtaking itself, the area radiates healing energy. Each year, many people visit Sedona to bask in the energy and experience transformations and spiritual awakenings accelerated by the energy vertices. The healing powers of the Sedona vertices can be traced back to the Native Americans from the area. They recognized and honored the sacred spiritual energy in their ceremonies.

Spiritual Tourism Is Transformative Travel 

Spiritual tourism is on the rise, and the U.S. has many destinations with spiritual connections ideal for transformative experiences. The energy vertices in Sedona connect to the crown chakra creating an energy powerhouse in the United States and prime real estate to accelerate healing, self-transformation, and spiritual growth. 

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