8 Ways People’s Travel Habits Have Changed Over The Past Decade

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As time progresses, people’s habits are constantly changing, which is very much the case regarding travel. Whether it be destinations, methods of transport, or activities while you’re away, your vacations are unlikely to be identical to what they looked like ten years ago.

A Reddit user recently asked the Reddit community, “What’s the most surprising change in your travel style over the years?” Here are the ten most interesting responses.

1. Time > Money

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One user said their relationship with time and money has changed. They said: “I value my time more than I value my money these days. I’ll spend some extra to avoid a long layover. I also used to avoid airport restaurants mostly because of the cost. These days though, if the waiting time aligns with mealtime, I’ll spring for something.”

2. An Appreciation For Tour Guides

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One Redditor said they use a tour guide when they go away. They said: “When I was younger, it was easier to think I knew all about what I should see and what I was seeing. Now I appreciate being in a small group, whether just for a day or several, and having someone talk me through it a bit.”

3. The Beauty of an Apartment

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One user who used to stay in hotel rooms all the time spoke of how he has learned to appreciate apartments. He said: “Having one or even two bedrooms and a washer and dryer is an absolute game changer. I’m definitely willing to spend more for that added comfort.”

4. Using Uber

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One person said that the emergence of Uber has changed their travel routines. They said: “I’ve learned you need to account for comfort and not everything needs to be walked to or going on public transport. Ubers are worth the money when you’re tired or can’t get there conveniently.”

5. Ditching Hostels

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When you’re young, hostels seem like a great idea. One user, though, has spoken about he can no longer stay in them. He said: “When I first started traveling – it was hostels all the way. Now I couldn’t ever imagine myself going to one. Why share a room with people who have alarms set for their 5 am flight and need to share one bathroom?”

6. A More Relaxed Itinerary

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One user mentioned that their itineraries have become less strict over the years. They said: “I used to make those full-on “to the hour” itineraries… And now I just write down a list of places I want to visit in that city and book things that need booking, and that’s about it!”

7. No More Nightlife

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One person said they used to love experiencing the nightlife on vacation, but that no longer interests them. They said: “I’ve lost pretty much all interest in nightlife. I’ve found that bars/clubs are pretty much the same everywhere. I like having one nightcap, getting to bed early, and waking up refreshed.”

8. Ditching Flights

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One person said that how they travel has changed over the years. They said: “We used to fly every vacation. It gave us the possibility to go to some wonderful places. But now, with how bad the airlines are, I have zero interest in flying. We are doing more road trips and are much happier about it.”

Is there anything you do now when traveling that you didn’t do ten years ago? If so, let us know in the comments.

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