10 of the Biggest Travel Regrets

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Traveling can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, but it’s not always without regrets. In this list, we explore ten travel regrets shared by users on Reddit’s r/travel community.

From missed opportunities to poor planning, these regrets are valuable lessons for future travels. Each regret is accompanied by a brief description, providing insights into the potential challenges and pitfalls travelers may encounter during their journeys.

1. Not Traveling to a Desired Destination

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Regret may arise from needing to prioritize or plan a trip to a dream destination. It could be due to various reasons, such as financial constraints, time limitations, or missed opportunities. Reflecting on missed chances to explore a desired destination can lead to disappointment and a sense of unfulfilled wanderlust.

A user said, “I was in Chile and didn’t go to Easter Island. At the time, I was pretty poor (I worked at a non-profit), and the cost of the flight was pretty high.”

2. Not Saving Enough Money for a Trip

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Insufficient funds can limit the scope of a trip or force travelers to compromise on their desired itinerary. Regret may arise from not prioritizing saving for travel or underestimating the costs associated with a trip, resulting in missed opportunities or the need to cut back on experiences.

A user said, “Not doing x because it’s too expensive. I’m probably only visiting place x once in a lifetime, so the $250, for example, a scenic 45-minute flight, looks steep. Still, I most likely won’t have that opportunity again (Namibia, in my example). You obviously still have to keep it within reason and somewhat within budget, but penny-pinching is one of my biggest regrets.”

3. Overpacking and Having to Carry Heavy Luggage

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Overpacking can lead to discomfort, inconvenience, and extra fees for overweight luggage. Regret may arise from not packing strategically or not being mindful of the weight of luggage, resulting in difficulties in navigating airports, train stations, or other travel destinations.

A user said, “There have been times where I’ve packed more than I needed. So pack smartly, and chances are if you need something, you can pick up extra in the country you’re in.”

4. Not Researching Local Customs and Etiquette Before Visiting a Foreign Country

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A lack of cultural awareness can result in unintentional offense or misunderstanding. Regret may arise from not taking the time to research and understand a foreign country's local customs, traditions, and etiquette, leading to awkward situations or miscommunication.

A user said, “I traveled to Uzbekistan from Japan. I had heard that there is no tipping culture in this country, but I regretted after returning to Japan that I should have tipped my driver and hotel staff, who were very kind to me. In Japan, there is no custom of tipping, so I don’t have the sense of giving out my wallet even if I thank them when they do something for me…”

5. Missing Out on a Popular Tourist Attraction or Landmark

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Regret may arise from not being able to visit a popular tourist attraction or landmark due to time constraints, unforeseen closures, or missed opportunities. Reflecting on missed iconic experiences or photo opportunities can lead to disappointment and a sense of missed chances.

A user said, “Not going to Hobbiton in New Zealand. We were in Auckland and had a spare day, but we were at the end of a five week’s holiday and thought it’d be too long a day to sit on a bus there and back and visit, so we went to Waiheke Island instead….. which was nice, but most definitely not as entertaining as Hobbiton would’ve been. Major regrets!”

6. Not Being Flexible With Travel Plans

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Travel plans can change unexpectedly due to various reasons, such as weather, transportation issues, or unforeseen circumstances. Regret may arise from not being flexible with travel plans, resulting in missed opportunities, disappointment, or additional costs.

A user said, “I went to Perito Moreno, and I did not book a trip on the glacier in advance, there was a slot the next day, but the timeline was strict. Once back in Santiago, the very last day before flying back, I realized that I had an additional spare day I did not consider in the plan.”

7. Not Taking Enough Photos

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Photography is a common way to capture and preserve memories from a trip. Regret may arise from not taking enough photos, resulting in a lack of visual reminders of the places visited, people met, and experiences had. Looking back and realizing there are few or no photos to reminisce about can lead to the regret of not documenting the trip and preserving memories to share with others or look back on in the future.

A user said, “Honestly, not too many huge ones. My phone was dead when I went to Rottnest Island, and I am a little sad I don’t have any me + quokka photos.”

8. Taking a Bad Travel Partner

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Traveling with a companion can greatly impact the overall experience of a trip. Regret may arise from choosing a travel partner who is incompatible with travel preferences, interests, or personality, resulting in conflicts, disagreements, or unfulfilled expectations during the trip. Reflecting on a negative travel companion can result in regret for not choosing a more suitable travel partner, and the negative dynamics or experiences with the companion may mar the memories of the trip.

A user said, “Taking a bad travel partner. (Grandmother was mine). She is fit and could do all the walking, but her constant complaining about everything just killed it. I tried to give her a beautiful experience and learned my lesson. She can complain at home while I go see the beauty in the world.”

9. Getting Lost in an Unfamiliar Place

Getting lost in an unfamiliar destination can be stressful and result in wasted time and energy. In addition, regret may arise from not being prepared with proper navigation tools or not familiarizing oneself with the local transportation system or landmarks, leading to unnecessary confusion and setbacks.

A user said, “I think I winged one trip, no planning at all. I feel like it was inefficient, and it was in a large city. I now try to do some planning or have an idea of what I’m doing each day.”

10. Having a Flight or Train Delay or Cancellation

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Travel disruptions such as flight or train delays or cancellations can cause inconvenience, stress, and extra costs. Regret may arise from unpreparedness for such situations, resulting in missed connections, itinerary changes, or additional expenses.

A user said, “In May 2009, my husband, sister, nephew, and I took a Mediterranean cruise that started in Rome and ended in Venice. When we got to the airport immediately following the cruise, we found out our flight was overbooked, and the airline was offering 2 hotel nights and other compensation if we gave up our seats. My husband said he needed to get back to work. I still haven’t been to Venice.”

Most Excruciating Travel Regrets

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As travelers, we often learn from our mistakes and regrets. Reflecting on these travel regrets can help us make better choices and decisions in our future adventures. These regrets remind us to be more mindful, prepared, and respectful during our travels. So, as you embark on your next adventure, consider these travel regrets and strive to make the most of your journey.

Thank you for reading about the 10 of the Biggest Travel Regrets, according to Reddit. Happy travels!

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