10 Fun Travel Souvenir Collections to Start On Your Next Trip

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Buying souvenirs when visiting a foreign country can be an excellent way to remember the trip for years. While some souvenirs can be tacky, others can be artistic and unique. A travel forum user recently asked members of the Travel subreddit to reveal their favorite souvenirs from their travels. Here are the ten best responses. 

1. A Mount Fuji stick

Woman Hiking with Walking Sticks
Image Credit: Immagini di Michelangelo Oprandi via Canva.com

Before ascending Mount Fuji, one user was given a stick they have kept hold of ever since. Explaining more about it, they said:

“As you make your way up, you'll encounter the first of many waypoints where in between a cup of warm broth, a friendly face will stamp your stick before letting you continue on your journey. By the end, you earn the most spectacular sunrise at the top of the world and a stick you can no longer put a price on.”

2. Italian Street Art

Emale artist painting The Birth of Venus on pavement in Florence, Italy
Image Credit: Sasimoto via Depositphotos.com

One user said they felt the universe was trying to tell them something during a trip to Italy, prompting them to buy some art. They said:

“I kept seeing street art made by Blub all over Italy when my wife and I went on our late honeymoon. We walked past the only gallery that sold his art at the time in Florence and picked up a couple of signed prints that now hang in our house here in Japan.”

3. A Bracelet from Costa Rica

A bracelet from Costa Rica
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Bracelets are often good go-to souvenir options. One user who picked one up from Costa Rica explained why: “As basic it is, got a bracelet from Costa Rica airport just because had some local cash left. I wear it nearly every day, and it just reminds me how happy places like that exist.”

4. A Sand-Filled Vial

Message in a bottle on the sand of th beach
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One user combined two places with one souvenir. They explained the concept: “I have a small glass vial from Morocco that I filled with sand from the desert in Jordan (it's a beautiful red/pink color).

5. A t-shirt from Guam

Blue T-Shirt on a White Background
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One of the most gimmicky souvenirs described came from someone who had bought up an exceptional t-shirt from Guam. They said: “I came back from Guam with a t-shirt that featured a map of all the 7-11s of Guam.”

6. A Hybrid Blanket/Shirt

Couple drinking coffee in bed
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You will come across people who can do extraordinary things on your travels. One Redditor explained how they got a souvenir from one of these people in Tanzania: “Someone in Tanzania was able to tailor a Maasai blanket into a shirt for me. I wear it all the time.”

7. A Musical Fridge Magnet

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As far as gimmicks go, this one takes first prize. The user who owns it said: “I have a fridge magnet I got in an airport in Scotland. It's shaped like bagpipes. You press it; it plays Scotland the Brave on bagpipes. It's one of the most cringy touristy things I own, and I adore it.”

8. Soccer Scarfs

Cheerful woman in soccer scarf sitting on couch
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One user told the community how he makes a point of picking up a soccer scarf from each place he visits. He said: “I collect soccer scarves for each country I visit. Sometimes it's the national team scarf and a club team. Just whatever is in that specific country.”

9. A Tile Coaster

Moroccan tile seamless textured
Credit: Kanawa_Studio / Getty Images Signature Via Canva.com

Another person said they had bought a tile coaster from Portugal that they use daily. They explained why they like it: “My coffee sits on it every morning while I work from home, and it's a small reminder that I work to live; I don't live to work.”

10. A Wool Flannel Jacket from Azerbaijan

A wool flannel jacket
Image Credit: Leonardo Hidalgo / Pexels via Canva.com

One user bought a jacket in Azerbaijan that they have worn back home. They said: “It is warm and durable, and it'll be something I'll be able to pass down to my future kids.”

Have you got a souvenir you bought on vacation that holds a special place in your heart? If so, let us know what it is in the comments. 

Source: Reddit. 

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