8 Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

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Flying on a long-haul flight can be a tedious experience at the best of times, mainly if you are in the economy cabin. There isn't an awful lot to do, and although you will typically have some in-flight entertainment, there may not be any movies that interest you. 

Frequently travelers have recently been discussing the tactics they employ to make long-haul flights go faster and/or more comfortable. Here are the eight most valuable suggestions. 

1. Water is Key

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One person said that keeping the entire body fresh and moisturized was the best way to stay comfy on a long flight. They said: “My tip is to keep every part of my body moisturized. Water, of course. But eye drops, lip balm, lotion, and even Aquaphor for the inside of my nose! It's not so miserable when you don't feel like your eyeballs are getting sucked out of your head.”

2. Bring Your Own Snacks

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One user said that bringing your food and drink onto the plane from the airport can be a godsend. They said: “I bring snacks and a bottle of water because I don't like being at the mercy of the flight attendants' schedule, and I don't like bothering them outside of the schedule.

3. Consider Upgrades

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“One user said that it can sometimes be worth the cost to take an upgrade, particularly if you are flying with an airline that has a non-first class upgrade for cheap. They said: “Air New Zealand offers a separate (enhanced) economy class which is worth the extra cost. Slightly wider seats, slightly more legroom, free bottles of water, etc. (hydration is key!) And only two such seats at a time.”

4. Leave Your Watch in a Bag

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One traveler said that one good way to make the flight feel faster is not to check the time. They said: “I refuse to keep track of the time. Is it an eight-hour flight? A seven-hour flight? A ten-hour flight? I don't know because knowing and then keeping track of how much longer is left makes me anxious to get off. I tell myself it will be over when it is over.”

5. Take a Pitstop 

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One person pointed out that you are free to take a direct flight to a destination far away. They said: “You can utilize layovers or stretch your vacation by spending a few days in an intermediary city which would break up the flight times.”

6. Catch Up on Life Admin

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One user said they use long-haul flights to catch up on some life admin or work they've been putting off. They said: “Save some life admin that you can use the time to catch up on. If the trip is work-related, use the time to catch up on anything related to what you are doing to be more prepared.”

7. Book a Window Seat

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One traveler suggested that the window seat was the best place to sit on a long flight or a variety of reasons. They said: “I love the extra space and looking out the window. I don't like people walking by on the aisle and the inability to spill either way. I often shove all the pillow and blanket stuff next to my seat and build up the armrest so it's soft and cuddly.”

8. Earplugs and Eye Covers 

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One person said that earplugs and eye covers could help them endure some of the complexities of a long-haul flight. They said: “Earplugs + noise canceling means you can't hear that baby. The eye cover is for that neighbor that wants to read the whole time and have his light on.”

Source: Reddit.

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