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In today’s day and age, multiple different sites and apps are available to us when it comes to booking accommodation for trips away. One of the most popular sites is Airbnb, as many people find that the hosts there are particularly accommodating. What would you do then if, after booking a room on Airbnb, you got sent a list of “rules” that went way beyond the point of being fair? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this viral TikTok user…

$50 per Minute for Late Checkout

In the video, which has now been shared over 2500 times across the social network, the user (doveslayer89) shared an image of the list of rules that he had been sent by his Airbnb host just two weeks before he was due to check-in.

The list was exhaustive and ridiculous in equal measures. Some standout rules/fines included a $100 fine if you lost her remote control and $50 for every minute you were late checking out.

Another stated that it would be a fine of $50 per guest each time someone wore shoes inside the house. Finally, Doveslayer89 explained that he was going away with 11 other people, meaning that if each of them dared to wear their shoes inside the house, the host could take $550 off them.

The host even went as far as to dictate how much alcohol guests were allowed to drink. While she was okay with each guest having three bottles of beer, if they went over that limit, then they would be charged $20 per bottle. Fair enough if you don’t want alcohol to be drunk in your house, but surely just ban it altogether, right?!

Doveslayer believed that the host was trying to make a quick buck by charging her guests for “everything and anything under the sun.”

To the Comments

The TikTok went viral, which meant people from all corners of the globe were on hand to chip in with witty remarks and messages of support in the comments section. One user was in shock at what she had just watched, commenting:

“I would’ve canceled my booking ASAP and then reported her. That’s insane. I’m honestly shocked Airbnb even allows that.”

Another person in the comments had recently gone through something similar on Airbnb. Offering her thoughts on the situation, she said:

“Our host charged us because we had “too much trash.” We were there for a week, and the house slept 16 people. Never doing Airbnb again!”

Other people suggested that the Airbnb era was over, with one user saying, “when I go on vacation, I don’t spend much time in my room. Airbnb was cool when it was cheaper, but now it’s not. So I’m going back to hotels.”

What do you think? Are these rules as bad as some are making out, or is the Airbnb host in her rights to lay out some ground rules? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Watch the full video and read the full list of rules/fines here. This article is produced and syndicated by The Impulse Traveler.

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