Unfortunately, only a handful of people ever get to fulfill all of their traveling dreams, so it’s important to make the most of every opportunity we get when we go abroad. This one Reddit user has recently been able to tick off something that will make many nature and animal lovers very jealous – coming within meters of a Komodo dragon in its natural habit!

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Komodo dragons are the largest member of the lizard family and are so rare around the world that they can only be found on five islands on the planet. They can grow to around three meters in length and weigh up to 150lb – there is a reason they are called dragons!

Many people say that these magnificent creatures are living dinosaurs due to how they look, and if this Reddit user’s pictures are anything to go by, then we can get on board with that. The original poster (OP) explains that he was visiting Indonesia when the opportunity to visit Komodo Island came up.

As the name suggests, the island is a natural habitat for Komodo dragons, and OP said it was relatively easy to get to from Labuan Bajo airport via a ferry. Once they arrived, they were greeted by a guide who walked them around the island, where they came across several different animals.

However, the highlight was understandably when they got up close and personal with a “majestic yet terrifying” komodo dragon that he said was like something out of Jurassic Park. Reassured by his guide being armed with a long stick in case things got ugly, OP managed to see these reptiles in all their glory.

OP admitted to being terrified and described the large lizard as a cross between a crocodile and a huge snake. He also said that they were so well camouflaged that if he had been walking around unsupervised, he doesn’t know if he would have even spotted one.

The Komodo dragons were so imperious that OP didn’t even bat an eyelid at the other large mammals on the island, such as wild boar and deer. Unsurprisingly, these animals are the primary prey for the komodo dragons, just to demonstrate how strong they are.

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A Comment Section in Awe

The travel-loving Redditors who commented on the post were all in awe of both the dragon and the bravery of OP to get so close. One person said:

“That’s amazing that you got to see a wild one so up close! These are very beautiful shots. Something very interesting is how we used to think that these lizards poisoned their prey with just bacteria in their saliva, but we found out that they are actually venomous as well.”

Meanwhile, one likeminded user who had previously visited the island re-told a chilling story from when he was there:

“When I was there, the guide said that the babies like to hide in the trees and sometimes jump down on people and bite their ears. No idea if that’s the case or if he was just messing with us. Amazing experience, though.”

Has this made you want to book a trip to Indonesia? What would you do if you encountered one of these reptiles while strolling on the beach? Let us know in the comments.

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