Traveler Lets AI Plan Her Solo Trip, and the Results Were Questionable. Do You Trust AI Enough to Let It Plan Your Travels?

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For many years, we have been told that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, but only recently are we starting to see just how powerful it is. A website called ChatGPT has launched, which prompts users to ask it a question before revealing a detailed and well-articulated response.

The platform is blowing users’ minds in relation to how fast, accurate, and personable it is, regardless of how detailed your command and/or question is. Testing out this new form of AI, a traveler has decided to use it to organize her upcoming solo trip to Vietnam. So let’s find out how it went….

Incredible Results

In the video, which has now been liked over 170,000 times, the user (Mel) shares what she inputted into the platform and the results that it gave her.

She started by simply putting in the basics of her already booked trip. This included the dates she stayed in each place she visited (Hanoi, Sapa, and Halong Bay).

An AI Produced Itinerary

After submitting this information, she waited a few seconds for the AI to produce a detailed itinerary for all 12 days of her trip. The AI told her which landmarks to visit in each place and even recommended shows and restaurants.

All bases seemed to be covered, with the AI recommending popular Vietnamese spots, including Hoan Kiem Lake and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long.

Traveling Solo

Traveling solo can be very stressful. While the idea of being able to do what you want when you want without having to worry about anyone else sounds nice, there can be times when you wish you had someone else to bounce ideas off. This is perhaps the reason why Mel used AI to plan her trip in the first place.

In the comments, she explained that she used the AI-generated itinerary as a base to work from before adding her own elements.

Doubters and Believers in the Comments

The comments section was filled with people who were either massive AI planning advocates or quick to point out its pitfalls. For example, one user pointed out that one of the recommendations on the list was 800km away from where Mel was meant to be saying.

Additionally, another doubter commented: “Day 8 (Ba Na Hills) and Day 11 (Hoi An). These are places one would go if they travel to Danang, not Hanoi.”

Supporters Speak Up

Despite the detractors, some supported Mel’s decision to use AI to help plan her trip. One user said: “My bf and I used it to plan an Oregon trip down the coast, and AI gave us such a good itinerary we used it, and it was amazing.”

Another added: “Brb using this to spontaneously travel to new places and explore without anxiety.”

Would You Trust AI?

After reading this, will you allow AI to plan your next trip abroad or stick to planning and organizing things yourself? If you give it a go, let us know how you get on in the comments.

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