Traveler Reveals Why Paris Is the Worst Place to Travel. Is the City of Love Overrated?

Paris, France
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A number of European cities are on the bucket lists of keen travelers in the United States. These cities include the likes of Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. According to one TikTokker, one of these cities isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s find out what he’s talking about and the reasons why…

Is Paris Overrated?

Paris, the capital of France, is known worldwide as one of the most romantic places on the planet. On top of that, the Eiffel tower, its landmark attraction, is one of the most recognizable structures in the world, while the Louvre is arguably the most famous art museum around.

Is it all a myth, though? Well, according to a traveler on TikTok, it is. Stitching a post of a girl crying in front of the iconic Eiffel tower, he started off by saying that he can totally relate to why the girl is so upset…because she’s in Paris.

Over 2.5 Million Views

In the video, which has been liked over 2.5m times, he explains that he has visited the French capital a couple of times because flights to Paris are usually cheap from the US when compared to other European cities.

He says it is one of the worst places he has ever been while traveling for several reasons. Firstly, he says that it has been really dirty when he has been there, with trash scattered everywhere.

Secondly, he says there are many “sketchy” people in Paris – whatever that means. However, he did follow this up by saying that some of his friends had been pickpocketed and robbed in the French capital in broad daylight.

Rude Population

Finally, he said that he found the general Parisian population rude towards him, living up to the stereotype that French people don’t like Americans.

Given that he hates Paris so much, it begs the question of why he keeps returning. If the flights are so much cheaper,  just fly there and use Europe’s rail network to go elsewhere.

The Comment Section Was Split Down The Middle

The traveler’s opinion on if Paris is overrated certainly sparked some debate in the comments section of his video. Some people agreed with this viewpoint, with one person saying that “Paris has been romanticized way too much.”

Others, however, thought that he was completely wide of the mark. One person said that “Paris is not a dangerous city” and told the traveler to stop being a “gullible tourist.” While another said: “Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. However, it sounds like you don’t know how to travel and what to do when you do. My experience was the total opposite.”

The Best Comments

The best comment, however, came from someone who took a humorous approach to the situation. They reminded everyone that “Liam Neeson’s daughter was also nicked there,” in reference to the movie, Taken.

If you’ve ever been to Paris, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Is Paris overrated, is the OP a little dramatic, or does his description of the French capital match yours?

Source: TikTok.

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