Two Grandmas Go Viral After an Extreme Travel Experience. Is 80 Too Old to Travel the World?

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Anyone who has traveled for long periods of time will typically tell you two things. 1) They had the time of their lives and 2) It was exhausting. For that reason, many people believe that international travel is a young person’s game.

However, two 81-year-old grandmas have dispelled that myth entirely and have recently returned home to Dallas after a whirlwind 80 days of traveling around the world. They documented their travels across social media and have gained a significant number of followers as a result. Let’s check out some of their best videos and experiences.

Age Is Just a Number

The two women, Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip, had planned to go on the once-in-a-lifetime trip in 2021 but the coronavirus pandemic delayed their plans until this year. Ellie says that the plan was to do 80 days of traveling when they turned 80 but they eventually had to settle on doing it after they turned 81.

Despite friends and family doubting them, the pair set off in January and their first stop was arguably the most testing of the lot – Antarctica. However, this wasn’t the only time that they battled freezing temperatures on their travels.

Social Media Success

In one video on their TikTok channel (aroundtheworldat80), the pair are seen taking a sleigh ride in Lapland. In the post, they are seen being pulled around a stunning forest by a pair of huskies in sub-zero temperatures.

They also enjoyed plenty of time in the sun. In Bali, they went on a giant swing that hung over one of the island's famous jungles while in Rome they visited the Trevi Fountain and threw money into it to make a wish.

80 Day Tour

Other highlights on their 80-day around-the-world tour included riding camels in Egypt and seeing the northern lights in Iceland.

It wasn’t all glitz and glamor, however, just as anyone who has been traveling themselves will tell you. As well as the videos of them taking in breathtaking experiences, they also posted a video of them on a boat in the middle of a storm and one of them being forced to sleep overnight in an airport terminal due to delayed flights.

An Inspiring Story

The reception the pair have received on TikTok has been overwhelmingly positive with many people keen to show their admiration for both women. One person said they had found their content refreshing because of how they both looked happy at all times while another told them that they were “amazing” and to “keep on traveling”.

Other people said that the videos had made them emotional. One user said that they were “instantly balling” while another proclaimed “I’m not crying you’re crying.”

A General Theme

A general theme throughout all of the comments sections was inspiration. One user simply put that the pair were “role models” while another even went as far as to say that the two women had inspired them to retire early and to go on a similar trip of their own.

Has this inspired you to think more openly about traveling later on in life or do you still think that the best time to travel the world is while you’re young? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: TikTok.

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