A Woman’s Two-Month Europe Trip Itinerary Sparks Controversy. What Did She Do Wrong?

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When you’re planning a trip of a lifetime, it can sometimes be a good idea to share your itinerary with others to see if you have made any glaring errors. The Travel page on a forum is particularly good for this because it allows you to share your plans with people who have more than likely made similar trips themselves.

Recently, someone shared their itinerary for a two-month trip around Europe, and they were greeted with plenty of critics. Let’s see what all the fuss was about.

A Two-Month Itinerary Around Europe

The original poster (OP) was a 21-year-old female who had never previously been to Europe in her life. She admitted that she was unsure about the itinerary before posting it due to her lack of experience in the area. She was actively looking for people to point her in the right direction.

One particular difficulty that she had revolved around Milan. She was unsure whether it was worth a visit but had included it in her itinerary anyway. As “the fashion capital of the world,” Milan is one of the most popular tourist spots in Italy; however, it often leaves visitors feeling underwhelmed.

More Decisions

Another decision that she was unsure of was whether to go to Munich or Vienna. Both cities are beautiful in their own right, but one is in Germany and the other in Austria, meaning the logistics of getting to both aren’t particularly straightforward.

Her Full Itinerary

Aside from that, this was her full itinerary:

  • 4 days in London
  • 5 days in Paris (incl day trips to Versaille/ Giverny)
  • 4 days in Amsterdam (incl day trip to tulip fields)
  • 4 days in Berlin
  • 3 days in Prague
  • 3 days in Munich or Vienna?
  • 3 days in Lucern
  • 2 days in Interlaken
  • 1 day in Milan
  • 3 days in Venice
  • 3 days in Florence
  • 2 days in Rome
  • 3 days in La Cinque Terre
  • 3 days in Barcelona
  • 3 days in Seville
  • 5 days in Lisbon
  • 1 day in London

Picking The Plan Apart

It didn’t take long for the comments to come flooding in, with many users keen to tell OP that her plan needed a complete rethink. One user said: “Cut out Milan and add Lake Como. In Florence, take one full day and rent a car to wineries and restaurants in Chianti. Greve would be ideal. Also, you don’t need five days in Lisbon. You don’t need four days in Amsterdam.

Be Sure To Pre-Book

If you want to tour Anne Frank’s house, make sure you pre-book. If you are doing two days of tours outside of Paris, you need more than five days in Paris. You need more than two days in Rome.”

Others even suggested that she cut out certain sections of her trip and replace them with other destinations. One user said: “Personally, I would drop Iberia and save it for a future trip and instead add in some additional stops on a tighter clockwise loop from London down to Italy and back.

Move Paris To The End

Before returning to London, I’d move Paris to the end as your last stop. Instead, take the Eurostar to Belgium and check out Bruges and Ghent. I’d also go from Munich and/or Vienna down to Italy and then back up through Milan to Switzerland and from there to France and Paris.”

How Do You Feel?

Was OP’s itinerary really bad, or could she have left it as it was and still had a fantastic time in Europe? Have you ever been somewhere and wished you’d shared your plans with others before going? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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