9 Vacation Destinations That Will Exceed Your Expectations and Leave You Speechless

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It’s always exciting when you’ve got a vacation coming up, particularly when you are going somewhere that you’ve never been before. While most of the time, the vacation will live up to expectations; there are occasions when it will surpass them and completely blow you away. 

Today, we’ll be looking at nine vacation destinations that travelers have said surpassed their expectations. Perhaps by the end of this list, you will be looking to book a trip to one of the following places. 

1. Georgia

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One traveler said the Georgian food was better than they could ever have imagined. They said: “I was very excited to go to Georgia primarily for history and landscapes. I was fully expecting some pretty average food and wine. The food was pretty damned good, and the wine – and, more importantly, the winemakers – were amazing.”

2. Portugal

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One traveler was blown away by Portugal. They said: “I was looking forward to it, but it was by far one of my favorite places. And I hope to go back. Great food, people are so friendly and child-friendly, beautiful cities and beaches, just overall great place to visit.”

3. Rome

Rome, Italy. The Colosseum or Coliseum at sunrise.
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Despite its fame, one user was still blown away by Rome and one particular landmark. They said: “It sounds cliche, but the Sistine Chapel was a lot more memorable/moving/interesting than I had expected it to be.”

4. Japan

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One user labeled Japan as the best place they’ve ever been to. They said: “I had very high expectations, and it exceeded them – spectacular food, amazing public transportation, incredibly clean, friendly people, easy to communicate even without English being widely spoken.”

5. Sicily

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One traveler said that Sicily doesn’t get the attention it deserves. They said: “Sicily is a place I think a fair number of Europeans go to but isn’t on many Americans’ radar. I have spent nearly three weeks here and figure I could spend another couple.”

6. Cambodia

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One user raved about Cambodia. They said: “I expected to like Cambodia, but I absolutely loved it. The touristy stuff, the non-touristy stuff, the food, the slow pace, the scenery, the interactions. All of it was just amazing.”

7. Bulgaria

An architectural ensemble of three Socialist Classicism edifices in central Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria
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Sometimes, unexpected trips can be the best, as one person found out when they went to Bulgaria. They said: “I originally went just to visit friends, not knowing anything, and was blown away. Absolutely loved it.”

8. Slovenia

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Slovenia was a popular choice among several travelers. One of them said: “It was beyond beautiful. The caves, hikes, nature, and the general vibe of the country are breathtaking.” Another user said: “I couldn’t get over how cool the caves and castles were.”

9. Isla Mujeres 

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Isla Mujeres in Mexico impressed one traveler so much that it made them change their travel plans. They said: “I had a two-week trip planned with three days in Isla Mujeres, then off to Tulum and Mexico City. I loved the island life so much that I just stayed here for my full two weeks. Good food, friendly locals, amazing beach, and is easy to get around. Had a blast.”

The Best Travel Destinations

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Is there anywhere you’ve been that has completely blown all expectations out of the water? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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