10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentines day gift ideas

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. To help you find the perfect gift for your loved one, I have compiled a list of trending Valentines Day gift ideas.

1. Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

It doesn't matter what type of person she is. ALL WOMEN LOVE JEWELRY! This is the perfect way to say “I love you” to your significant other.

2. A Dozen Roses

Roses - The Impulse Traveler

Buy your special someone a dozen roses with a surprise delivery to her school or job. Show her co-workers how it is done! She will love it. Plus, the roses come with FREE delivery!

3. “What I Love About You” Journal

Love Journal - The Impulse Traveler

This fill-in-the-blank journal is the perfect way to put the way you feel about her on paper. If you're like me and can't find the words, this journal does the hard part for you and you only fill in the blanks to make it personal. This is perfect if she prefers thoughtful gifts instead of store-bought gifts.

4. Backlash Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

Backlash Yoga Mat - The Impulse Traveler

If she is a yogi, or an aspiring yogi, upgrade her yoga mat. She won't realize how bad she needed a new yoga mat until you get her this one of a kind, self-rolling yoga mat.

5. Love Coupon Book

Love coupons - The Impulse Traveler

If you are looking to spice things up, get her a love coupon book. She can redeem her coupons any time she likes. So be prepared to give her a big juicy kiss and other X rated things that I will not mention. These are PERFECT for Valentine's Day.

6. Soaking Salts

Soaking Salts - The Impulse Traveler

Treat her to an at home spa night. Now, I normally don't recommend these, but for Valentine's Day I always make an exception. Only for the simple fact that, once the spa is over, she will already be in the mood for the late night Valentine's day activities… if you get what I mean. So, technically this gift is for you and her… EVERYBODY WINS!

7. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama - The Impulse Traveler

If she is a reader or a Michelle Obama fan, this is the perfect gift. Keep in mind this book has been sold out of almost every book store so this will be a pleasant surprise for her. But be warned, after she reads this book, she will be “Becoming” something great!

8. Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses - The Impulse Traveler

If she is a wine drinker, upgrade her wine glasses. I love new wine glasses because they make me feel fancy. There is something so sexy about a brand new set of wine glasses (it has to be a woman thing).

9. Silk Robe

Silk Robe - The Impulse Traveler

This robe speaks for itself. Get this for her. Period.

10. A New Fragrance

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - The Impulse Traveler

Nothing says I love you like a new fragrance. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been one of the most popular scents in 2019.

If you really want to surprise her a nice romantic “baecation” is the thing to do. Take a look at a few destinations here.

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  1. My boyfriend is going to be so upset that I found this post! Haha! Excellent recommendations x

  2. I love soaking salts! And a great alternative to the roses is a live plant, I much prefer getting an actual plant over flowers because the flowers will die after a few days.

  3. link sent to the boyfriend. lol. I haven’t read Becoming and I am buying it for myself. Good list! =)

  4. So I will take the roses, a diamond tennis bracelet set in gold (not mentioned), and the Daisy parfum by Marc Jacobs, and a box of chocolates with cherry filling and white wine. This list is great and gives me some ideas of gifts I’d love to buy for me.

  5. I would probably give my wife some lingerie. 🙂 That would be beneficial for both of us. :p

    You know what I mean. :p

  6. I want for Valentine’s Day is a bottle of 1980’s Merlot and a silk pajama. That would be great!

  7. I am always curious to see what sort of gifts others think they or we should get for an occasion. It’s all quite good especially for last minute shoppers.

  8. Epsom for the win. Would love to receive plants instead of flowers though. Thanks for such a great list.

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