9 Ways to Overcome Post-Vacation Depression

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Coming back from a vacation is rarely a fun experience. Even though it can be nice to see friends and family again, there is always that sadness in your gut that you are no longer living your best life on a beach somewhere hot. Having this feeling isn't pleasant, but is there a way to avoid it? Well, according to members of the Travel subreddit, there is. According to regular travelers, here are nine ways to beat the post-travel blues. 

1. The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

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One user said they try to bring “some fresh depth” to their home life when returning from a vacation. They said: “I'll do something like find a new hobby, socialize more with my friends, or declutter my house. Most of all practice gratitude for what I've got. It's a good life, and travel wouldn't be exciting if you didn't have the mundanity and safety of home waiting.”

2. Research Your Next Destination

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One person said researching your next destination is the best way to overcome the post-travel blues. They said: “We watch travel videos on YouTube non-stop and discuss those places. It' ‘s fun to watch other people enjoying places we've never heard of.”

3. Cook Food From Where You've Been

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One user said that one thing that helps them is “making food from places I love.” Therefore, if you've been to Mexico for a few weeks, cook up some fajitas or enchiladas. Or, if you've been to Italy, test your hand at making a pizza from scratch. 

4. Bring that Place Home With You

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One user said that a good way to overcome the blues is to do something at home that you did on vacation. They said: “I had so much fun cycling around the woods in Japan and realized I could bring the idea home. I bought a bike a few weeks after I got home, and now it's my primary means of transport.”

5. Avoid Comparisons

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One Redditor said they do everything possible to avoid comparing their home life with vacation destinations. They said: “Remember that while you may envy those privileged enough to live in those faraway places or who travel more than you, there are far more people who don't have the means even to experience what you've just been through.”

6. Go on a Health Kick 

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One person said that they kickstart a new diet when they return from traveling. They said: “I try to get really healthy. Eat well, exercise a lot, and stop drinking. Mainly in order to get ready for the next trip away.”

7. Look back at the Pictures

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One user said they get over the sadness by looking back at pictures from the trip, among other things. They said: “I always pick up things that remind me of my travels, so they give me warm memories every time I see them. It makes the glow last longer and brings happy thoughts home.”

8. Treat Your Home Like a Vacation

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Chances are, there are many things you can do at home that will make you feel like you're on vacation again. One user said: “I've started to explore my own area as if I'm a tourist. I'm right now waiting for a tour boat to sail me back to my car, and I'm waiting at a café drinking a cappuccino, just as I would have done traveling.”

9. Go Somewhere You Don't Enjoy

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Finally, one user jokingly suggested the best way to beat the blues was to “take a vacation to a place that sucks.” 

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