10 Helpful Tips for First-Time International Travelers

Traveling for the first time internationally is an exciting experience, but it can be overwhelming without proper preparation. So here are ten helpful tips for first time international travelers to ease the overwhelm and ensure a better time.

1.  Tourist Traps and Local Hotspots

“Always try and chat up locals that appear open to friendly conversation with the intent of getting their favorite spot to eat or the one thing they’d recommend to a visiting friend out of a conversation.”

2.  Beat the Jet Lag

This lake is located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is unique because in the summer, the lake water evaporates and small mineral pools are left behind, like spots. Each pool is a different color than the others.

3.  Get Yourself Some Earplugs

“If the noise in the airport makes you anxious, try wearing earplugs. You can still hear announcements, but the noise level is reduced.

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