10 Of The Most Overrated Travel Destinations in the World

Have you ever traveled to a destination and realized everything you heard and read was overrated?

A recent traveler took to a travel forum and asked other frequent travelers, “What is the most overrated travel destination you have been to?” Here are the most common responses.

1. Las Vegas

Many users suggested Sin City. Someone commented, “It’s just not my scene, but I understand others might dig it if you’re into gambling.

2. Dubai

Another suggested Dubai. He led the discussion by saying, “Dubai without a doubt. I found it really soulless and aggressively consumerist for the sake of consuming. Yeah, I know; what did I expect? I just assumed there would be more behind it than that. To be fair, I was only there a few days, but I was super underwhelmed.”

3. New York City

Many users agreed that New York City was an overrated travel destination. One user said, “NYC has some neat things to see, but unless you have a hook somewhere inside the city to help you navigate it all. You pay through the nose for EVERYTHING, and you’re always battling a crowd, making what they DO have to offer not worth the effort it takes to see.”

4. Venice

One user said, “Venice. So many people romanticize it, but the infrastructure is simply not up to the volume of tourists. There is no ADA compliance, and many novice and elderly travelers try to save a few dollars by lugging their wheeled 50+ lb baggage to their hotels despite the narrow labyrinthine sidewalks and numerous staircases over each canal.”

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