10 Places People Traveled and Vowed Never to Go Back

Have you had a terrible traveling experience that made you never want to visit that place again? You've got company. Someone recently asked, “What place have you traveled to and vowed never to return to after that experience?” Here are the top-voted responses.

 Places People Traveled and Vowed Never to Go Back

Rio de Janeiro

“The driver we hired pointed out what was one of the bad favelas, and on the other side of the road were 12-foot walls with razor wire and cameras. He said it was the compound for the CEO or founder of Globo.” “So, a billionaire next door to horribly dangerous impoverished neighborhood. No idea if it was the Globo guy, but a wealthy person's home,” someone shared.


“After 20 years, I still remember the pee and poo smell in the streets,” one person said. “Fiveish years ago, when I went, the smell was also very noticeable.” “Also, rotting infrastructure and a ton of homeless immigrants,” another person recalled. “I visited there five years ago, and it's probably as you remember. But, holy cow is Paris, France a beautiful place with delicious food,” a third person replied.


“Dubai seems like a soulless, superficial place. It makes no sense. In a strict Muslim country, drugs are so illegal it's almost a Parks and Rec sketch. Lots of alcohol, cutting-edge tech, and riches in the middle of poverty, glitz, glam, and nonsense.” “Dubai has giant buildings constantly fighting nature. Nonsensical architecture projects, some unfinished and stagnant,” one person stated.

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