10 Places World Travelers Said Visiting Was the Worst

Have you had a horrible experience while traveling the world? 

After polling the internet, "For those who have traveled the world, what country is the worst to visit or rudest to visitors?" These were the responses that received the most votes.


"Never leave the hotel in Egypt as an underaged girl without your parents. Even if you're with them, you probably will be followed and hit on by older creeps, but they won't do anything when you're not alone," warned one. 


Someone confessed, "I worked with a guy that traveled a lot for work, and he said, "Without a doubt, Yemen. Then he went on about how he was picked up at the airport by a company-funded armed guard and a driver."


"Morocco," one stated. "From being ripped off, to children following me down a dark alley asking for money, to the horrible hotel reception, to wealthy, spoiled locals at nightclubs, I've never been to any other country where I've been so relieved to leave."


A man explained, "I love Italy, but Rome was not great. An overwhelming number of shady people were trying to take advantage of tourists. The locals we were with warned us not to carry any valuables to touristy spots because there was a 100% chance someone would try to pickpocket us."

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