10 Things That People Think of When They Hear the Word Africa

While scrolling through my favorite internet forum, I encountered an engaging question, “What comes to mind when you hear Africa?” 

Of course, the number one answer was some variation of Toto’s world-famous song ‘Africa,’ with heavy upvotes for “Missing the rains down in Africa.” Nonetheless, here are the additional top-voted responses. 


Starving Population

I believe some of Africa has some of the highest obesity rates in the world. But I think that’s mostly Northern Africa, which we separate for some reason. It’s interesting how it switched from starving in Africa to starving in China, in most phrasings of that


People Think It’s a Country, It’s a Continent

One person said, “That so many people think it’s a country!” Another added, “In sixth grade, a kid thought it was both a continent and a country like Australia.” “


Hot Weather

Yeah, average temperatures in summer are between 35-40 degrees Celcius. So it’s hot,” replied one. Another argued, “It depends where you live. Only countries in the Sahara have an average temperature like that.


Safari and Animal

“A vast, diverse continent with many genetically different people and unique open spaces animal herds, deserts, apes, zebras, elephants, giraffes, tigers, and lions,” one shared. 

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