11 Countries That Have the Best Food in the World

Living in America and being privy to an exciting blend of multicultural cuisine makes it nearly impossible to choose. 

Here is how the internet responded to the question, “What country has the best food?”


“One person explained they had visited 37 countries, and Thailand was the only country to serve consistently fantastic cuisine. Another said that the food was so good and ridiculously cheap they returned to Thailand a second time.


Somebody suggested it’s more than being the best cuisine, “Doritos, Cheetos, and even McDonalds taste better in México.” Also, Mexico’s fruits and vegetables are incredible, and they confessed, “It’s challenging to find anything that tastes bad.”


Another noted the attention to detail the Japanese put into their culinary cuisine, from taste to presentation. “You can go into any random mom-and-pop restaurant, and the food looks and tastes like a world-class chef prepared it.”


There is a reason Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain claim Vietnam is their favorite country, and according to this Redditor, it’s the food. In addition to having fantastic cuisine, you can enjoy it at a restaurant, side of the street, and even on a rocking boat. 

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