11 Safest Countries for Women to Travel Alone

Women who enjoy traveling solo know it is essential to consider their safety when choosing where to travel, especially in the current global climate. One way to make an informed decision is to research the safest countries for women to travel to alone. Unfortunately, knowing where to go can take a lot of research, and an unpleasant experience can have disastrous results.

One woman took to an “Ask Women” forum, wanting to know where it would be safe to travel alone, and women with genuine experiences were quick to give their recommendations.


Scotland was the top-ranked answer, with several people commenting on how safe they felt. One saying:“Yes! For my first solo travel, I went to Scotland! Very lovely and safe place.” Another confirmed: “I did that too a few years back and can confirm it was really safe! Was sleeping in a van on the side of the road and didn’t even get slightly murdered.”


This traveler had only positive experiences in Denmark: “Lived there for three years in the biggest city and never felt unsafe, even when going alone by bus across the entire city at midnight. A huge contrast to my country where single women get immediately targeted … at any time in the day.” Another added: “I’ve got to recommend Denmark too. Beautiful part of the world and probably the most beautiful people in the world.”


Iceland was a surprise contender. One commenter broke it down: “Iceland, as long as you’re comfortable with the driving conditions (lots of wind, snow, and rain). The people are so kind, the crime rate is SO low, and the police don’t carry firearms. I felt incredibly safe there.”

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