11 Safest Countries for Women to Travel Alone

Women who enjoy traveling solo know it is essential to consider their safety when choosing where to travel, especially in the current global climate. 

Here are 11 of the safest countries for women to travel to alone. 

#1 Scotland

Scotland was the top-ranked answer, with several people commenting on how safe they felt. One saying:“Yes! For my first solo travel, I went to Scotland! Very lovely and safe place.”

#2 Denmark

A traveler had only positive experiences in Denmark: “Lived there for three years in the biggest city and never felt unsafe, even when going alone by bus across the entire city at midnight. A huge contrast to my country where single women get immediately targeted … at any time in the day.”

#3 South Korea

There was a lot of love for South Korea in the comments. One commenter said: “Super safe in (South) Korea. I have traveled there extensively alone and never felt threatened, even late at night.”

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