22 Places You’ll Never Be Allowed to Visit

Humans have been migrating and moving from place to place since the dawn of time in the neverending quest to explore every corner of the blue marble we call home.

However, against all odds, there are still places in the world that are off-limits to curious travelers. From a snake-infested island to a secretive military base, here are the 22 forbidden places no one is allowed to visit.


Snake island,  Brazil

Visiting an island whose sole resident is a notoriously venomous snake is not exactly on anyone’s bucket list. 


Room 39, North Korea

Room 39, or Bureau 39, is the name of a secret North Korean organization that is believed to be located inside the Workers’ Party building in the capital, Pyongyang.


Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Formed in 1612, the secret room located in a heavily protected area contains 53 miles of shelves with historical records of the Catholic Church.


Heart Reef, Australia

A heart-shaped reef in the middle of the ocean sounds like the perfect photo opportunity, right? The coral formation of Heart Reef has a protected status and is off-limits to visitors, snorkelers, and divers. 

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