46 Interesting Facts About Cruises That You Didn't Know

Though cruises are now seen as the pinnacle of luxury vacation by many, the multibillion-dollar cruise industry was originally born out of necessity.

We have dug up some of the most interesting facts about the cruises. 


Cruise Ships Have Morgue

Most travelers don’t labor over the ominous possibility of death while booking a vacation, but as history has shown, death doesn’t discriminate. 


Men Prefer Cruises

It’s hard to say why men are more often lured by cruise travel over women, but recent findings have shown this to be true. 


Don’t Forget Your Magnets

According to Cruise Critic, while the walls of your cabin may not look magnetic, they function like a big refrigerator door.


Talking In Code

While each ship line has their preferred jargon, many crews share the same secret code names and terms for people, places, and events onboard.

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