6 Top Things to Do in Bayfield Ontario

The village of Bayfield is a historic town founded in the early 1800s. Bayfield tourism is based on its historic buildings, beautiful shops, and art galleries. If you want to experience a small-town feel on your next trip, look no further than Bayfield, Ontario.

Top Things To Do in Bayfield, Ontario

Explore the Historic District

The heart of Bayfield, Ontario, is in its downtown historic district. The historic Main Street is home to many historic buildings, boutique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. The historic district is close to the marina and public beaches.

Go To The Beach

Bayfield, Ontario, boasts three beaches: Pier Beach, the main and most accessible beach with public restrooms; Howard Beach, reachable via an 80-step staircase; and Houston Heights Beach, a secluded spot at Pavilion Road's end, offering ample parking, picnic facilities, washrooms, a woodlot, and a play area, ideal for a family day out.

Go Hiking on a Bayfield trail

The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association maintains seven recreational trails in and around Bayfield, Ontario. If you want to experience the natural beauty of Bayfield, hiking one of the trails is a great idea. The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association offers guided group tours for people of all ages and activity levels. Additionally, the trails are pet friendly, so that you can bring your pet companion.

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