7 Bizarre Things Tourists Forget To Pack When Traveling

No matter how early you start the packing process for a vacation, it’s inevitable that you find yourself dashing around with just hours to go until your flight, trying to squeeze some last-minute items into your already-overflowing case. Due to the rushed nature of this activity, you will likely leave something behind.

Recently on a travel forum, users have been owning up to some of the essential items they’ve left behind when traveling. Here are the seven craziest responses.

7 Essential Things People  Forget to Pack for a Trip

Kids’ Suitcases

One user said: “We were traveling from SF Bay Area to Portland. It’s a 9hr drive. I had the genius idea to leave Friday night after work and drive the first 3hrs to Redding, thus making our second day much easier. When we arrived at the hotel, I took my suitcase out, my wife’s suitcase out, and… OMG, the kids’ suitcases were still at the top of the stairs at home.”

A Suit

One person said they had once forgotten their suit for a trip away. Not the end of the world, right? Wrong! He explained: “I forgot my suit once while traveling out of town for a job interview. I got there early so I could rent one, but it was still funny.”

House Keys

One user said their mishap came on the return journey home when they realized on the flight home that they’d left their keys at the hotel. They said: “I forgot to pack my house keys – I’d left them in a drawer in a hotel room. Thankfully I was living with a flatmate who could let me in, and I had to get the hotel to return my keys to me.”

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