8 Best Places In Europe For Mild Summer Weather 2023

While some people love the sun and red-hot temperatures, others prefer milder climates. A Reddit user recently asked his fellow travel lovers for a destination in Europe to visit this summer where temperatures wouldn't get above 24 degrees Celsius. Here are the eight places that proved to be the most popular.

Best Places In Europe For Mild Summer


Scotland has some beautiful spots for a short break, including the famous City of Edinburgh. One user said: “As a Canadian now living in North Scotland, I would say summers here are sunny but not super hot. So, an option for you!”


Despite its name, Iceland isn't cold all year round, and you can enjoy a pleasant summer there without getting too hot. One user said: “My favorite place I've visited so far is Iceland – gorgeous scenery, and if you ask me, perfect temperatures. I guarantee that you'll never feel too hot in Iceland.”


Although parts of England are notorious for long spells of wet weather, the south coast can have stable temperatures in the early to mid-20s in the summer. One Redditor said: “You can get more than a decent summer in Britain via the English south coast.”

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