Best Adventure Vacations to Experience the World

More and more people are ditching expensive resort vacations and opting for the excitement and thrill of adventure travel. The options are endless, from hiking and horseback riding to scuba diving and rock climbing. Adventure tourism is booming!

What is an Adventure Vacation?

Adventure travel involves exploring remote or exotic locations, such as mountains, jungles, or deserts, and engaging in physically challenging outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, or surfing.

National Park Adventure Vacations

National Parks are a great starting point for those wanting to dip their toes in epic outdoor adventures. They are found worldwide and are full of natural beauty, accessible hikes, wildlife, and other soft adventures. 

Adventurous Vacations to See Natural Wonders

Although the Earth is home to countless natural wonders, seven internationally recognized ones outrank the others. These are sights around the world that will leave you breathless and in awe of Earth’s beauty.

Soft Adventure Vacations for Water Activities

For those of you who love a good beach day but sometimes get bored simply sunbathing, some great adventurous vacations involve all the time on the water. From snorkeling and swimming to safely swimming with sharks, you’ll never want to leave these tropical paradises!

Hiking Adventure Vacation

Once you start adventure planning, you’ll quickly realize you can find epic hikes all around you. From the large-scale National Parks to your local State Parks, there’s natural beauty in every corner.

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