Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2023

Retirement is a significant milestone in a person’s life. As you wave goodbye to hectic work stress and the daily rush hour, you may want to shift to a serene and calm place to spend your retired life. We’ve listed the top 10 best places to retire after examining factors like retirement visa and taxes, healthcare quality, and climate to compile this list. 

Although there are many cheap US states which can still offer an affordable retirement, we have curated our rankings for those individuals looking for options beyond North America.  Ready to retire abroad?


Panama is one of the top retirement destinations in the world. From tax benefits and cosmopolitan cities to beachfront and mountain towns, you have several things for a relaxed life.  We can go as far as to say it has everything you need for a comfortable retired life, including outstanding health facilities, American-style grocery stores, banks, cafés, and restaurants. 


Best places to live in Portugal – Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Portugal is one of the best places to retire because it has excellent weather, soft sand beaches, and great city life.  It is also one of the safest places to live and is ranked sixth by the Global Peace Index. 


Ecuador is a tiny country in South America sandwiched between Columbia and Peru. Its natural beauty spans from snow-capped volcanoes to the famous Galapagos islands. The cost of living here is considerably less than in the US, which is good if you are looking for a place to retire.  

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