13 Unique Travel Destinations You Might Not Have Considered

Everyone knows about the Maldives, the Caribbean, and Santorini. But there are plenty of weird, unique places you can visit that no one else knows about.

1. The Giant’s Causeway

This attraction is located in Northern Ireland. Around sixty million years ago, a volcanic eruption caused molten basalt to rain down over the landscape. When it cooled, 

2. Spotted Lake

This lake is located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is unique because in the summer, the lake water evaporates and small mineral pools are left behind, like spots. Each pool is a different color than the others.

3. Cat Island

This island is located off of Japan’s east coast. The island is home to roughly one hundred humans, but they are vastly outnumbered by cats. The cats were originally brought to the island to kill the mice that would eat the silkworms on the island. The island is a large producer of silk. 

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