Retail Workers Share Their Unforgettable Horror Stories As Black Friday Approaches

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, is known for its deep discounts, massive crowds, and the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. For customers, it's an opportunity to snag great deals, but for retail employees, it can be a challenging experience.

We went on a public forum to collect real stories from retail employees about the craziness that happens when the doors open to many excited shoppers. In a thread, these workers shared their most horrifying Black Friday stories, showing us the chaos behind the store counters.

Terrifying Stampede

A user recounted a terrifying experience of a stampede breaking out as the doors opened. The rush of customers, desperate to grab the best deals, led to a chaotic scene where employees and shoppers were at risk. The whole situation was not only dangerous but also revealed how people can get selfish during sales, even hurting others just to grab cheap stuff.

Fights Over Merchandise

Retail workers told stories about stopping customer fights over things they wanted to buy. Some of these fights got so bad that the police had to come to help. The anger and aggression over things to buy made a significant impact on these workers. It showed how far some people would go just to save some money.

Inadequate Staffing

Many shoppers mentioned the issue of inadequate staffing, which made things even worse. When there weren't enough workers to help all the customers, things got chaotic. There were super long lines, unhappy customers, and insufficient help, making it a challenging and stressful time for many workers.

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