Social Norms in Europe That Annoy Americans

A row has been rumbling on social media all week concerning a tweet posted by an American waitress about how Europeans *generally* don’t tip as much as they should do when they are eating in US restaurants.

While both sides of the argument have been ranting and raving, one European has taken the interesting route of flipping the entire argument on its head. Let’s see how that’s worked out for her.

Social Norms in Europe That Annoy Americans

“What dumb and bad European traditions annoy visiting Americans similar to the way that their tipping nonsense annoys us?”

Clarifying what she meant in the comment below to avoid any faux outrage, she added: “More of a social norm than a tradition, I guess, but you know what I mean. Please, no colonialism or school shooting discourse.”

Can I Have The Check Please? 

“European waiters won’t bring you the check. I don’t just mean that you have to ask for it. They try to avoid you and may not bring it even when you ask.”

Paying For Public Toilets

“In Germany, I had to pay for public toilets and had to use traffic lights as a pedestrian.”

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