The Ten Biggest Mistakes People Make When Traveling

The vast majority of the time, traveling is super fun. Everywhere you go is amazing, and everything goes as planned. However, occasionally, you will experience some hiccups and learn valuable lessons for next time.

Recently, a Reddit user wanted to find out what everyone’s biggest travel mistake was so that he could avoid repeating any on his upcoming trip. Here are the ten best responses.

1. Not Understanding Customs and Laws

One user said that he never used to take the time to learn about different laws in foreign countries before traveling, but it’s now something he does all the time. He explained, “Landing in Singapore and hearing drug possession is punishable by death really made me realize I wasn’t in America anymore.”

2. Keeping All Important Information on Your Phone

One user said keeping key travel information on your phone is risky. They said: “Put your flight time, flight number, hotel address, and booking confirmation codes on paper. You’re away from chargers. You don’t want your phone battery dying when it has essential information.”

3. Taking Wheeled Luggage to Southeast Asia

Taking luggage with wheels may feel more convenient at the airport, but some places, including Southeast Asia, aren’t built for wheels. Explaining why, one person said: “The sidewalks are quite often broken or non-existent; you need a backpack.”

4. Over-Packing

One user said that over-packing was a common mistake that they had made on several occasions until they finally saw the light. They said: “Most countries have laundry services by the kilo readily available. Laundromats too. Hell, you can wash the essentials in your sink. Travel light always.”

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