Top 10 Drinking Games That You Should Try

Drinking games from around the world share the common interest of bonding with family and friends while having a good time. They are also great for adding fun and excitement to a night out or any event.

Drinking games are party games for adults, and it’s more fun when you drink responsibly. If you aren’t a drinker, you can have a non-alcoholic beverage instead!

1. Thong Toss (Australia)

Don’t confuse the word “thong” with your intimate underwear because Aussies use the term “thong” for flip-flops. The person that throws their thong the farthest wins! You can also penalize the person with the shortest throw by making them take a drink. You can customize the game to add more elements of fun.

2. Bevilo Tutto (Italy)

Now, this is a game where the entire town can get involved! You can tailor this drinking game how you like by playing it in a small circle or around an entire village. This version involves the whole town.

3. Chui Niu, aka Dice (China)

The goal is to roll a higher number than the player before you. You can bluff about your score; if you’re convincing enough, you win the game.

4. Medvyed Prishol (“Here Comes the Bear!”) (Russia)

This game involves a lot of drinking, so be prepared! What You Need: – A large table – Large shot glasse – Several bottles of cold vodka

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