Ultimate Tortola Travel Guide: Best Things to Do Even if You Are a Cruise Passenger

The British Virgin Islands, which comprises four main islands and 50 + smaller islands, is a popular place to visit for vacations and island hopping. Tortola, the main island, houses the British Virgin Islands capital, Road Town.

Tortola is very popular for cruises and single destination vacations alike. With its beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, plentiful scuba diving sites, and booming tourism, there is no doubt that Tortola is one of the best islands in the Caribbean.

Best Things to Do in Tortola

Hike through Sage Mountain National Park

One of the most popular excursions in Tortola is visiting Sage Mountain National Park. With this excursion, you can hike to the highest point of the island, reaching thousands of feet above sea level and the highest elevation of the British Virgin Islands. The hike is beginner-friendly but also challenging end kid friendly

Jost Van Dyke Escape

Jost Van Dyke is widely known for its beautiful white beaches, restaurants and bars, and yacht anchorages. The busy port of Jost Van Dyke has contributed to its many famed beach bars like Foxy’s bar. Visitors will experience some of the best snorkeling in the world and dive from the two 90-foot tall rock formations known as the “Twin Towers.”  

Smugglers Cove

Smugglers Cove is located about 10 minutes from the West End and 25 minutes outside Road Town. It is off the beaten path, and to get to the beach, you must travel a bumpy, winding dirt road. Once you arrive, you will discover Tortola's secluded paradise. The beach is often populated by snorkelers enjoying the fish and the reef and sunbathers soaking up the sun.

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