Where Is Malta? 8 Irresistible Reasons to Visit

As a Maltese expat, having lived in multiple countries, it has become apparent over the years that Malta is not known to everyone.

Malta is one of the ten smallest countries in the world and is right in the middle of the two major continents of Europe and Africa, whose news naturally overshadows that of this tiny nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. However, Malta should not be overlooked. What it lacks in size, Malta makes up for in history, stunning scenery, and fun things to do. This article will set the scene for why it holds the influences it does, why Malta is worth visiting, and answer one of the most common questions of all, ‘Where is Malta?'

8 Things To Do and See in Malta


Malta's capital city is a unique destination many travelers will appreciate. Valletta is a great day trip for sightseeing, offering some fantastic dining options and an entire history of a country at your fingertips, with museums, palaces, and even underground tunnels beneath the city. It is also well connected to other parts of Malta, with the Three Cities accessible across the Grand Harbor. Gozo is also within reach, thanks to the recently introduced fast ferry service.


While Malta has changed drastically over the last decade, the smaller sister island of Gozo still has a rural and parochial charm. Firstly, the landscape is quite different from Malta, with a lot more hills and greenery. It is also much more sparsely populated and has some of the top tourist sites.

Charter a Yacht

Enjoy otherwise inaccessible bays like Crystal Lagoon or renowned dive sites. A word of warning: you can be subject to the fickle nature of prevailing winds due to safety. Jellyfish can also make it a challenge to predict your exact destination. That said, it is possible to experience some great days out on a boat with friends and family.

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