Top 8 Most Notorious Places for Food Poisoning

Going on vacation should be an enjoyable experience, so the last thing you want to worry about while you’re away is the potential of falling in. While some illnesses are completely preventable, food poisoning should be something that you can avoid regardless of where you are in the world.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, with some popular tourist spots having a higher likelihood of food poisoning than others. A Reddit user recently took to the platform to find out if there was anywhere in particular that she should avoid for this reason, as she was planning on booking a vacation soon. Here are eight places she was told to avoid.

Most Notoriou Places for Food Poisoning

1. Mexico

Although Mexico is a stunning and exotic vacation destination with picturesque beaches and red-hot temperatures, one person said they had endured food poisoning on their ten trips there. They said: “Without fail, every single time I go to Mexico, I get anything from mild diarrhea to full-blown food poisoning.”

2. India

One user believes that they are cursed in India due to how ill they get when they go there. They said: “India makes me violently ill from the moment I land. I don’t even touch the street food, only eat home-cooked food. Nothing uncooked, and avoid fruit and meat like the plague. Yet I can bet £1m I’ll never have a solid bowl movement in that country.”

3. Malaysia

One Redditor said that they’ve always had issues in Malaysia. Explaining why, they said: “Worst rookie mistake was accepting ice cubes. That meant we had to find an ER since dehydration in the tropics is so dangerous.”

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