What to Wear Jet Skiing?

what to wear jet skiing
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If you are going on vacation to the beach and intend to go jet skiing, you could be wondering what to wear jet skiing. It is common to see people on a jet ski on TV and social media with their bathing suits on. Unfortunately, there are better ways to explore the open waters on a jet ski. This blog post will discuss the appropriate jet ski attire and essential items you will need during your jet ski riding experience.

What to Wear Jet Skiing?

A common question that beginner riders commonly ask is, what do I wear? If you are a new jet skiier, it is recommended that you wear standard swimwear such as swim trunks, shorts of some kind, or your favorite bathing suit. Depending on the weather and water conditions, you may wear a wet suit to maintain your body heat and keep you warm during colder weather or lower temperatures.

You want to be sure that you can move freely in the suit, as jet ski riders require a lot of movability. It is crucial to consider the movement required for jet ski driving/riding because too much movement will generate rash rub. It is popular amongst seasoned jet skiiers to wear a rash guard shirt, rash vest, or long sleeves to prevent irritation.

What Accessories to Bring While Jet Skiing?

  • Water Shoes

It is best to bring a pair of jet ski shoes (water shoes) with you to wear while you are on the jet ski and trekking across the beach. This will protect your feet against any glass in the sand and any water hazards. Refrain from wearing flip-flops as they are unstable, even if you have a death grip on your toes.

  • Dry bag

You will also want to bring a dry bag with you while you are jet skiing. You can keep your items, such as your cell phone, valid photo ID, mobile phone, and maybe even a credit card. The dry bag will ensure that your belongings stay dry and safe even if they come in contact with water.

  • Eye Protection

It is best to wear eye protection during water activities because the water is salt water and will burn and possibly damage your eyes. Specifically, the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of the five ocean basins.

  • Change of clothes

Another important thing to bring when you go jet skiing is to pack a change of clothes (this should be packed in your dry bag to ensure that your extra clothes stay dry and you will not have to stay in cold clothes afterward.

  • Jet Ski Life Jacket

A jet ski rental company will require that you wear a life vest; they will even provide them. If you are using your jet ski, be sure that you bring your life jacket. If something happens, the jet ski will double as a personal floatation device and is essential safety equipment.

  • Fingerless Water gloves

Wearing these fingerless gloves will ensure you have a better grip on the handles of the jet ski. This will prevent your hands from slipping due to the water spray.

  • Safety Lanyard

If you are going water skiing and are attached to cell phones, it is best to have a safety lanyard that will turn your cell phone into a floating dock if dropped into the water, and you will have no problem finding it.

Booking a jet ski tour is the best option if it is your first time participating in water sports. It is a great option to ensure your safety, protect marine life, and ensure that you have a great time.

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