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We all love traveling. From seeing new places, experiencing other cultures, and meeting new people. It’s no doubt about that traveling helps to fill those missing pieces in our lives. Traveling helps shape our personalities as we get to experience things all over the world and expand our views on life.

But we don’t all travel in the same way. We all have our own travel styles, and our personalities shape the nature of the way we travel. One person may plan through all the details of traveling while another might just buy that plane ticket and go. This is where your zodiac sign can come into place. Surprisingly enough, your star sign can actually show your travel personality!

Finding the best travel companion

Travel Companion

Traveling alone can be fun, but a vacation shared with the perfect travel companion is unbeatable. However, picking a traveling companion however can be hard! When it comes to traveling, you can find the best person to travel with based on their zodiac sign! Keep reading below to find out your travel style according to your zodiac sign and which sign would make the best travel buddy for you!

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Aries are naturally adventurous, and they generally take risks wherever they go. This sign is outgoing and has a childlike behavior to them. This sign likes to make things happen, so you can be sure to count on an Aries to stick to travel plans! They are always up for excitement and they rather go with the flow than come up with a game plan. They don’t have a specific travel spot in mind as they would rather explore everything all at once. This sign is fine with traveling alone as they are leaders in their own way but pairing up with a Gemini for an adventure can be a good match! Since Aries and Gemini both like to jump forth on things and do everything they can, these two can get along well on a travel trip.


Taurus can be detailed when it comes to planning a trip. They will make sure everything goes the way it needs to, and they can take their sweet time figuring this stuff out. If you’re in a rush and ready to go now, a Taurus is not your person. This sign always wants a backup plan in case all else fails. They take comfort in knowing when something will fall through so a little bit of control in their schedule helps ease their minds about traveling. This sign is all about luxury and great taste, so you can expect to visit the most unique food spots and taste a little bit of everything when traveling with a Taurus. They rather travel somewhere that gives them a luxury retreat spot. Due to the Cancer loving the good things of life and wanting a quiet retreat area as well, this would make the perfect travel buddy for a Taurus.


Gemini’s are social butterflies and you’ll very rarely catch them alone when it comes to traveling. They prefer a group or a best friend to tag along wherever they go! They get bored easily and prefer to not stay in the same place for very long. They don’t have a specific travel spot in mind, so you can expect to go just about everywhere. Gemini’s often make new friends everywhere they go so you can expect to meet some interesting people with this sign! When traveling with Gemini, you can expect to try everything anywhere you go. This sign likes to experience everything and has a wide range of interests. Since Aquarius also likes the fun, unusual things in life and learning about everything, this would be the best travel buddy for Gemini.


The Cancer will prefer to travel with close family or friends, so they feel comfortable. This sign is very shy and doesn’t let others get to close to them, so you may not make new friends along the way. Cancers are sentimental people and they are known for holding on to things that have a lot of meaning to them. Therefore, they will more than likely take tons of photos, so they can relive their memories repeatedly when it’s all said and done with. The best place to travel for a Cancer would be somewhere cozy and not too busy. They prefer to not explore everything at once and are a lot more comfortable with visiting one place at a time. Since Taurus is just as laid-back and likes to take things at a slow pace as well, these two would make the best match for travel buddies!


The Leo is the type of person who will have more baggage than they need since they’ll probably pack their whole closet. If you’re looking to travel lightly, Leo is not the one! This sign needs to look their best anywhere they go, and they’ll prefer to dine at the most luxurious places and stay in the 5-star hotels. This sign prefers places that bring action with the biggest parties. They like to be the center of attention and be surrounded by others, so they prefer to travel with somebody who won’t steal their limelight but share their interests. Therefore, Libra pairs well with a Leo. Both signs like to be around others. Libra’s are great entertainers and Leo loves entertainment!


Virgo likes to think things through before making anything happen. They can get so caught up in details and may eventually procrastinate on them. This makes Capricorn the perfect travel buddy for a Virgo because both signs prefer to be organized and plan things out responsibly. This sign seeks perfection in all that they do so having a perfect routine when it comes to traveling is what they go for. They may prefer to visit places that let their minds think and give them something to focus on. Such as museums, science centers and other historic places.


Libra enjoys being social with others and appreciates the beautiful things in life. They prefer to travel somewhere that lets them explore many different arts, cultures, and overall offer a variety of things. This sign is always looking for something fun to do which makes adventurous Sagittarius the perfect travel buddy! Libra’s can adapt to any situation wherever they go, and they are open to trying many new things. This sign enjoys romance so getting away with a romantic partner may be more of their ideal travel trip, but they also enjoy time spent with friends. They may even hook up with somebody along the way! They are sociable and friendly so even if finding a partner during their traveling time doesn’t happen, they can expect to make a few new friends along the way as well!


Scorpio’s are passionate people, so you can expect for them to go on a trip with a lot of passion. They will more than likely research the best places to go as they prefer structure over being spontaneous. They have a dedicated mindset so once they make their decision to travel, you best believe they will! They will enjoy visiting historic places that touches their heart and they can walk away feeling like they have that piece of history with them forever. These people are drawn to new places and new people, so they’ll be ready to pack their bags and visit the world. They are drawn to the unknown and this makes Pisces the perfect travel partner for them.


Sagittarius is known as the bohemian of the Zodiac and traveling is what their hearts are drawn to. This sign does not care where they travel to as long as they’re making the best memories ever. Since they are down to go anywhere, adaptable Libra is the perfect travel buddy for a Sagittarius. They’re not ones to stop somewhere for too long and sight-see, they rather keep the adventures moving and the experiences coming. They’re always ready for the next adventure so keeping up with them can get hard! They want to explore the deeper meanings of life and traveling the world helps them feel like they can do that in some way.


Capricorn’s are reserved but they do like to be around others. Mainly just family and close friends. They are serious thinkers and planners, so they will probably have a certain schedule they make before hitting the road. They are disciplined and responsible so things that don’t go as planned can really stress a Capricorn out. Virgo is the perfect travel partner for them because both signs prefer to be organized and stick to a schedule. Capricorn would rather travel a few places and not all over. They are not risk-takers, so you can be sure to have everything go smooth with a Capricorn. They will make sure the hotel is booked beforehand, and that you will not miss the most important places to go as they may already have these spots highlighted in their planner!


Aquarius is known for being a humanitarian so when traveling, they must be certain that there’s a deep meaning to it. They will help you pack and compromise on where you both would like to go. They always want to learn something new and they’re down for trying anything, so Gemini fits well for this signs travel buddy. They won’t focus much on details and they can be unorganized so it’s best if somebody else makes travel plans and reservations rather than the Aquarius. They don’t care much about where they go if they are making memories. They may even join a group while traveling that helps others such as the Peace Corps.


Pisces have an imaginative mind so traveling for them may lead them to the most interesting and dreamlike places. Scorpio would make the perfect travel partner for them as they both share the same interests. Pisces will prefer to go far away and experience the most beautiful places they’ve ever seen. They crave freedom and exploration and any relaxing and peaceful place is where you will find a Pisces. They’re open to doing whatever and they’re not much for a structured detailed schedule.

Picking the perfect travel buddy

I hope that this post has given your information on how to find the perfect travel companion. For more travel tips and advice, subscribe to our blog.

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