Wife Ditches Husband on His Birthday to Go to the Bahamas With Her Sister. Her Husand Is Furious. Is She A Bad Wife?

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For those who love traveling, it can be easy to get so wrapped up in planning a trip that we forget important dates. However, is going on a trip that will cross over with your spouse’s birthday a step too far?

A Trip Worth Postponing?

A travel forum user has taken to the platform to garner opinions on whether she has done her husband wrong by booking a trip that will overlap with his birthday. The original poster (OP) explains that it isn’t the first time she has gone away over his birthday and that she is going on vacation with her sister and her 13-year-old son on this occasion.

Reasons Why She's Going

She explains that she is going because her sister needs support with her son. As such, her sister has paid for the trip, although OP will need to take some money to spend while she is there.

OP says that while she has told her husband for months about the likelihood of the trip, it has only just registered with both of them that it will take place over his birthday. It isn’t a momentous occasion, he is only turning 58, and she is still planning on making sure that he has a good day.

An Upset Husband

Her husband is upset that she won’t be there, which OP believes is quite silly. Her husband hasn’t tried to “forbid” her from going, but is threatening to do the same on her birthday out of spite.

There is no way of moving the date, but OP wants to know whether her husband is in the right to be annoyed and if so, whether she should back out of the trip.

Respect His Feelings

The Reddit community quickly told OP that she shouldn’t just dismiss her husband’s feelings regarding his birthday. Many people also suggested that OP admit that she would rather go away on vacation than spend her husband’s birthday with him. One person summed up the feelings of the community well, saying:

“When you said it was somewhat an obligation I thought you meant a conference for work, not a trip to the Bahamas. This is a discount vacation, and a 13-year-old isn’t an infant. Your sister can handle her child.

What About Your Husband?

If your husband wasn’t upset, go for it. But he obviously is, and you should take his feelings into account, considering he’s your husband. Invite him a long, fly back early, or don’t go.”

Other people were mystified that OP didn’t realize that the trip would overlap with her husband’s birthday when she booked it. Others were confused as to why OP didn’t think her husband would be bothered by one person asking, “why is it a bad thing that your husband thought his wife of 28 years would want to spend his birthday with him?”

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Should OP cancel the trip and spend her husband’s birthday with him, or would that be unfair to her sister? Can she win here?

Source: Reddit.

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