10 Of The Worst Travel Destinations In The World

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There aren't many worse feelings than going on a vacation and quickly realizing that you have made an enormous mistake. To prevent others from experiencing this feeling, travelers have recently been revealing all about their vacation nightmares. Here are ten of the most (un)popular responses. 

1. San Felipe, Mexico

Bacalar San Felipe
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One traveler said that their worst vacation came in San Felipe. They said: “San Felipe used to be a nice beach town with a thriving fishing industry and lots of tourism. But over time, environmental degradation decimated both the fisheries and the area's quality for tourists.”

2. Egypt

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One user said that they would never return to Egypt. Explaining why, they said: “The historical sites are amazing. The rest, not. I've traveled a lot (80+ countries and every continent), and I've never met more hagglers and scammers than in Egypt.”

3. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Sihanoukville cambodia
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One person recalled a recent trip to Sihanoukville in Cambodia. They said: “We left after one night despite having booked for longer. Empty, abandoned concrete skyscraper shells and lots f organized crime. Horrible experience.”

4. Jamaica

Jamaica- Countries travelers said visiting was the worst
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One person who enjoys the traveling nature of vacations said that he was left disappointed by Jamaica. He said: “Upon leaving the resort, it was immediately obvious that the place was unsafe for tourists. The resort was adequate, and we didn't mind staying within the bubble; someone with plans to explore the island was sure to be disappointed or dead or both.”

5. Miami Beach

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One user said that Miami Beach isn't all it's cracked up to be. They said: “Police and prostitutes are everywhere. People are high as kites. A highway, right by the beach. The most unsafe I've ever felt at night, and I've been to Johannesburg.”

6. Venice

Venice, Italy
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One person said that they weren't a fan of Venice, despite its romantic reputation. They said: “The city itself is impressive, and the architecture is marvelous, but it was terribly crowded, full of tourists and street scammers. Also, everything was at least twice as expensive as other lovely but more low-profile places we saw in Italy.

7. Delhi

India Gate New Delhi
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One user recalled an unpleasant trip to Delhi. They said: “We, unfortunately, stayed in the worst part, and I almost lost my leg the first night we were there.”

8. Albania

safest countries for women
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One person who recently went to Albania said it was the worst vacation ever. They said: “All the cities are so worn down and everything is concrete grey. No beautiful old towns like Croatia, Spain, and Italy. Every beach we visited was full of jetski jerks, waterbikes, and garbage.”

9. Branson, Missouri

White River, Branson, Missouri
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One user said Branson, Missouri is only fun if you are over 70. They added: “It's only fun if you're under 12 or over 70. Had a great time at Silver Dollar City a couple of times as a kid. I went in my mid-20s and thought I would die of boredom.”

10. Lake Azov, Ukraine

Lake, Ukrain
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While lake holidays usually contain gorgeous weather and stunning views, one user's trip to Lake Azov was ruined by one thing. They said: “I have never experienced so many goddamn mosquitoes. A biblical scale.”

Source: Reddit.

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